Scott Stacks

From: Scott Stacks 
Sent: Fri, May 7, 2010 9:15:59 AM
Subject: No Count Stay Out

My name is Scott and have been following Mike Davis at No Count Stay Out from the beginning. If you look at the website it will show the detailed calls of the crash and the rebound. This site is all about the "Time Value of Money". Although no one is perfect this website has been flawless in their prediction. Mike told me in 2008 that if the market crosses 11,750 on the downside it will go to 7500 and this happened like clockwork. While the market was going down my broker was steadily telling me were going to level off and i was telling him you better look at Most of his clients got out about the 9500 level and some rode all the way down to the mid 6000 level. I was saying "i told you so" Mike said if it crossed 11,750 everybody better get out of equity's. I had a lot freinds ride the dow back up but i had a few friends listen to Mike and make some real Money with his recommendations like Ibm, Ge, FO, Gs, Dd, F,  Cytx from 3 to 9 and more. Most importantly his last prediction of a couple months ago that at 11,250 again the dow would pull back, it got to 11250 and we are sitting at 10431 this morning and that is up from a 1000 point drop in yesterday's trading. I feel like i would be naked without the tools without Mike and his team of experts. You can trust whoever and whatever website or Investment house you want but i am trusting a true expert that is not trying to make money every time you buy or sell a stock or posistion. If you are wanting to make money in certain and uncertain times this proven team has been finding a way to do so for years.