Jason Woody

Letter from Jason Woody May 12, 2010

My name is Jason.  I have been trading stocks since the summer of 1991.  Well, I thought I had been trading stocks.  I did have a few homeruns, but I also had a lot of bad trades. It was not until I met Mike Davis in April 2007 on a fishing trip, that I really understood how the market works.  The first time I met Mike Davis, he told me about a stock, ZOLT and told me what the stock would do.  Me like most, that have never met someone was skeptical, so I decided to put ZOLT on my watch list and watch it.  To my surprise it did exactly what Mike Davis said it would do.  Davis called me with excitement about making me money.  When he found out I did not make the purchase, he was devastated.  I told him I wanted to watch one or two for the time being.  He understood and we moved on.  When the next trade came up he called and I bought.  Boy was I glad I did.  What did we buy?  Yep, ZOLT off of a big pull back.  We have bought and sold together since that day.  He has kept me under his wing the whole way.  I have made money every year since, that was never the case before I met Mike Davis.  I looked at nothing but the fundamental side of the market.  He has been teaching me the technical side.  

I love it.  

It is exciting. His system has proven to me trade after trade, little risk more reward.  Yes we have had trades  stopped out, but everyone has.  We are always ahead in the end.  Because we buy at the bottom there is little risk if we get stopped out.  We sell just before the systems top to guarantee our profits.  His system will amaze anyone that follows it, because of his teachings.  Mike Davis has a masterpiece that is more than valuable to any investor.  I will never trade without it again.  His record speaks for itself.  One more thing, in April 2008, Mike Davis and I were fishing again.  We had a third guest with us that had never met Mike.  He just happened to be a stock broker.  When Mike said, I want to tell you two both something; the DOW is going to 7200.  The DOW was around 13,000 at that time.  We looked at each other and said surely not.  Mike sat there very calm, and said you just wait and see.  In July 2008, we started shorting the market.  It was the best year I had ever had.  The stock broker now follows Mike Davis’s advice along with me and many others.  I would recommend this program to anyone who will follow it exactly the way he teaches you.  You will not be sorry.  Thank you NCSO and Mike Davis