Simon Hewitt

From: Simon Hewitt
To: Mike Davis
Sent: Fri, July 2, 2010 1:48:11 PM

I have known Mike Davis for many years. It wasn't until May of 2008 that Mike started advising me about my personal retirement account. I currently have a 401K through my Company and have had this for about 15 years. I have never checked on it because I really didn't know what I was doing. I was advised many years ago to buy blue chip, international and company stocks. I just trusted the system and figured my money would be safe and always grow.  Wow was I wrong.  Mike informed me in May of 2008 that I need to get out of the stocks and place it in a Money Market because the market was getting ready to drop.  Mike walked me through the process and I did so. The market dropped Five Thousand points and my money was safe.. Since this date Mike advised me a year ago March to buy my stocks back and watch the Market go up and it did.  During this time Mike has saved and made me over $200,000.00 .

I have been around a lot of people who are in the business and I have never met anyone who knows the Market like Mike Davis. I have always been told by my investors to HOLD HOLD HOLD. and they couldn't have been more incorrect. Mike has a knack for the Market and always seems to know when it will go up or down. Obviously no-one is perfect but I can tell you he is more often correct than he is not. Mike takes personal pride in helping people with their investments. So many times the investor is caught up making money with your buys and telling you to sell.  I have 100% confidence in Mike when it comes to the Market.  Since I have been dealing with Mike many of my friends have also started working with him and they are as happy as I am.  

That's what I need was someone who took a personal interest in my retirement accounts and I have that with MIKE DAVIS..