ZOLT should have made a better run at resistance which is 12.63. Earnings are expected soon and we have made all we can make on this stock for the time being without more risk. We will regroup on ZOLT after earnings. We are still long Blue Chip stocks in our retirement accounts. We are also long FO, CAT, FAS,BGU,GS,SLM,DD and TBT that we recommended on 07/08/10. (scroll down) The DOW has broken through minor resistance of 10,594 as of today and should close above it for the first time. If the DOW closes above it again tomorrow the DOW will be in a new trading range of 10,590 being the low and 11,250 being the high. We fully expect to see the higher end of this trading range. However, when the DOW gets to 11,250, remember to sell all equities and get flat in your retirement accounts. Go to money market accounts or T-Bill accounts for short term safety. We may miss a little of the move going through 11,250 but you will be safe from principal depreciation when the market goes down. BIG MONEY will be a seller between 11,250 and 11,750.