Stay fully invested with your retirement accounts. If you are just joining us for the first time invest your money now in blue chip, large cap funds. Individual stocks are FO, GS, BGU, FAS and we have a few others that we are looking at that need a little nudge before we recommend them. Stay invested with other stocks we have previously mentioned. I usually don't address fundamental issues but every where I look I see someone talking about the DOW going down in the month of September and October because they have historically. There are three factors you can tell your friends and family about that these bozos are missing. One, we are in an election year and through many years of trading, September and October are not normal in an election year. Two, you can't throw a trillion dollars at something without improving it and three BIG MONEY doesn't want it to go down past 9,835 before it goes up through 11,258 so they can sell. In order to know the last one you have to think like BIG MONEY. Imagine if you will if you had unlimited funds and you could control the market. You wouldn't buy everyday, you have already bought. You caused the bottom. Now if you were going to sell it wouldn't be because a bunch of bozos on TV got together and said every September and October the DOW goes down. Think about it. Put yourself in BIG MONEYS shoes. We like silver better than gold and will recommend SLV when the time is right. We are keeping a close watch on the DOLLAR INDEX. For now it's fine as long as it stays above 80.00. CYTX is waiting on news of any kind and from a technical point of view it's going to get it. It may take a while or could come any day. Stay with your positions.