The DOW is making some bearish moves right now so we are going to throw up a red flag. If the DOW closes again today below 10,719 we will sell all equities in retirement accounts. Check during the day as well as around 2:30 central time. If we haven't told you what to do before 2:30 pm and the DOW is looking like it is going to close below 10,719 at that time, sell your equities. If it looks like it's going to close above it, do nothing. We are not calling for a bear market yet. BIG MONEY is still on the long side. But with what we are seeing,  the market could go back down from here and test 9,835 and we don't see any reason not to take profits. Besides we were not that far off from telling you to sell anyway. Stay with your CYTX positions. CYTX is a speculative stock and is waiting on fundamental news. We will be sellers of CYTX at $8.00 to $8.25 unless it gaps open above that. For those of you who got long in early July when the DOW was at 10,000 in your retirement accounts, congradulations you have hit a homerun and we are glad to see it. Some of you who got long 08/30/09 and 09/09/10 have made 5 to 10 points in the mentioned stocks. Way to go, that's what we like to see.