We were glad that the DOW did not close for the second day in a row below 10,719. That means you are still long in your retirement accounts and the individual stocks we have mentioned. The DOW is going to make a run at 11,250 and when it gets close we are going to get flat in all equities except CYTX. If the DOW fails to make a new high above 11,258 in this cycle, CYTX will not be affected that much. CYTX major support is $4.00 and we are still looking for $8.00 to $8.25. We do expect the DOW to make a new high above 11,258 but when it does, we also expect BIG MONEY to be a seller. We don't know if they will sell at 11,300, 11,400 or 11,600 but we do know it will be before reaching 11,750. So from 11,200 to 11,750 BIG MONEY will sell the market and you don't want to be long equities, period. We will tell you when to sell but be ready to move from equities to money market accounts within your family of funds in your retirement accounts. For those of you with trading or self directed IRA accounts we will have some stocks or ETFs to play on the way down. Be patient, we are a little ways off from making a lot of money on the way down. We always wait for the market or BIG MONEY to tell us what to do and sometimes that can take a while or come any day. That's why it's important to check this website everyday. Tell your friends and neighbors about us and if they subscribe we will give you a free months subscription. Just contact us on the website and let us know which one it was. You will be asking them to join the best and cheapest information website on the face of the earth. How can you go wrong?