Investing in anything is all about managing risk. If you don't know where to come out of an investment when you get in, then you are just simply gambling. We don't gamble at NCSO. We know exactly when to be invested and when not too. We are at such a place in the DOW. The move you are seeing now on the DOW is extremely negative unless the DOW closes above 11,750 two consecutive days in a row. Unless this happens the count to the downside is huge, 7,200 is not out of the question. Even if the DOW closes above 11,750 and you are in a long position, you are still wrong. You simply are not managing risk. In 1929 there were no bids in the market in which to sell. If you were long in equities you lost everything. We are here to protect your retirement. Listen to us and be safe and secure. There will be plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money if this market is going higher. We are buying small blocks of BGZ now, 250 at a time. BGZ will go up in value as the DOW goes down. We are still long SLV and we will be taking profits at 27.75 to 28.00. The DOLLAR INDEX at some point, will return to 78.50 to 80.00 and that could be happening now. This will put selling pressure on Silver and SLV will come back to 25.00 and could come back to as low as 21.00. We will be ready to buy all we can when this happens. The risk is simple. If the DOLLAR INDEX closes above 80.00 two consecutive days in a row, then we will come out of our SLV trades. But make no mistake about it NCSO believes that failure for the DOLLAR INDEX to get back on top of 80.00 will produce an eighty percent count to 40.00 and therefore SLV could easily double in value. For those of you who trade futures, copper at that point will also be an excellent investment. CYTX is waiting again on fundamental news and will move accordingly. BIG MONEYS support is 4.30 to 4.50. Stay tuned, this is going to be an exciting twelve months, if your on the right side.