BIG MONEY needs to have everyone buying when they are selling. This is why you are seeing and hearing all of the talk about being in a bull market now. Some diehard bears are starting to turn bullish. That means we are getting close to topping out. As mentioned before, it could come at 11,300, 11,400 or 11,600 but it will not come above 11,750. It's important to point out that we don't have to have a new high established above 11,258 in this cycle for the DOW to go down 1,000 or more points. If the DOW does go above 11,258, it's even more negative than if it didn't. That's why we are flat in equities. Stay flat in your retirement accounts or if you can, buy a precious metal fund within your family of funds with 20% of your money. If you have an option, go with SILVER. The DOLLAR INDEX is continuing down to minor support which is 75.00 and if that doesn't hold the next major support level is 72.00. We expect to see a bounce at either one of these levels back up to 80.00, so be ready to take profits. We will keep you posted.