As of this update BIG MONEY has not sold. Obviously that can change at any time and we will be on top of it if they do. The DOW is doing exactly what it is suppose to do. It has gone close to resistance which is 11,258 and found supply (sellers). The question is how far will it back up before it makes another run at 11,258. We don't know but if it backs up to 10,719 we will be a buyer of BGU and some other stocks. Making money in the DOW and stocks is all about managing risk. If your risk is greater than your profit potential which is where most buy then you will lose more than you gain. Knowing where those levels are is a key to successful investing. Stay with  SLV and we will add to the position if it backs up far enough. CYTX had a successful stock offering that we did not see coming. But in hindsight it makes since. CYTX knew BIG MONEY was a buyer and supporter of its stock at $4.30 to $4.50 and it saw an opportunity to bring in some cash at that level and did so. It did stop the momentum but is now recovering. Stay with your positions