The DOW is in a very narrow trading range. The high being 11,258 and the low being 10,719. While we still believe that BIG MONEY will be a seller between 11,258 and 11,750 the activity that we are seeing now just does not warrant staying fully invested. We are getting flat in our retirement accounts at the close of business today. Not necessarily because the market is going down but because we don't want to lose the profit we have if it does. The DOW reached a high of 10,948 yesterday and we were going to tell everyone to get flat at 11,000 anyway. Most of you have 5 to 15 points profit in just a short time period of being invested and that's what we like to see. Time value of money invested is what we are all about. We are staying with our CYTX shares, nothing has changed there. We forecasted 04/09 that GOLD had a count up to $1030.00 and if it could close two days in a row above that it would have a count to $1300. GOLD closed that APRIL day at $819.00. All we can say is objective met. While we still believe GOLD will go up, we believe SILVER will go up more percentage wise. For those who can, buy SLV with about 10% of your money and another 10% if it backs up to 20.75. SLV closed yesterday at 21.31 The DOLLAR INDEX has now closed below 80.00 and that is extremely negative for the future. As the INDEX goes down METALS will go up in price. The INDEX will find minor support at 75 and major support at 72. Failure to hold 72 will produce a count down on the DOLLAR INDEX to 40.00. That's right I said 40, so you can imagine what kind of effect this can have on all markets. At least trading the markets won't be boring but you better have someone like NCSO who knows what their doing  protecting your assets. Tell people about us.