You should be flat in everything except BGZ and we are not ready to add to the position quite yet. This sell off that the DOW is having is smart money (professionals) getting flat, not BIG MONEY selling or getting short. Scroll down to 08/16/10 to find out who BIG MONEY is. We will wait for a while longer on the DOW. Gold and Silver are following the DOLLAR INDEX which we mentioned on the last update may be moving back up to 78.50 to 80.00. Well it has and metals have come off their highs. As of this writing the INDEX high is 78.64 The only question we have is, is the DOLLAR INDEX going to 80.00 before it fails or does it fail now? We don't know. That's why you should buy back 50% of your position now. We prefer you purchase SLV but some of you have some other ideas. The bottom line is get back into precious metals. We will stay with SLV. If the DOLLAR INDEX does go to 80.00 we will add the other 50% without hesitation. We believe silver will at the very least double and could triple in value as the DOLLAR INDEX goes down to 40.00. CYTX has moved back to support and once again is waiting on fundamental news. We will wait for a buying or selling opportunity on this speculative stock. Below 4.00 or above 8.00.