Terms and Conditions

At NCSO we try to give each investor our opinion on the markets and on individual investments. These opinions are based on over 35 years of learning how markets trade and why. It is not 100% and we will never indicate it is. Investing can be risky and losses do occur. Unlike other subscription based programs we give you an exact place to get in and an exact place to get out. Sometimes for what ever reason the investment goes against our objective and we try to limit our losses and profits in every way we can. It is each subscribers responsibility to take profits and losses when necessary. We suggest you have four accounts. Retirement, Trading, Metals and Speculative. If you can't have all four then we suggest you start building these accounts in the order mentioned. In the retirement account our strategy is to keep your retirement account from depreciating from the decline of market prices. In trading accounts our goal is to buy or sell and make a profit as fast as we can. It can be a day or a week but as we make a profit it is up to you to execute and take that profit. A metals account is established to offset inflation and every account should have a metals account. And finally a speculative account is just that. We occasionally see what we think is an opportunity in a stock that has potential to be a big winner and we will tell subscribers what to do about it. Set aside a certain amount of money for each of these accounts and stay with it. You must familiarize yourself with previous updates by clicking on OLDER POSTS at the bottom of each subscribers page. When you enter and come out of a trade depends on you. NCSO is an information company only and is not a broker dealer or registered adviser. We do not accept customer funds other than subscription fees. No Count Stay Out LLC or Mike Davis will not be responsible for any losses incurred by any investor. 

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